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    Required Items for Unit Completion

    by Trainer_Yui Zhang -


    All uploaded files are to ONLY be in PDF format (not in Word), PowerPoint and or Excel unless instructed otherwise within your assessment.

    To complete each unit, you are required to complete the Assessment Tool

    Under the section “Assessment Tool” is a list of all parts/ assessments you must complete in order to be deemed “Competent” for the unit. Your assessment may not be marked by your assessor if you are not resulted Satisfactory for the preliminary assessments within the Assessment Tool.

    Maximum of 3 attempts for each assessment. The due dates will be within each assessment. If you need more than 3 attempts and/or pass the due dates, penalties may apply. See reception or your student information pack about the policy details.


    In Alliance College - Online Resource Center (Moodle): all units are marked as competency-based:

    • GREEN (100) = Satisfactory (passed assessment)
    • RED (50) = Not yet passed (need to do another attempt)
      • NYS = Not Yet Satisfactory - Please read feedback, revise assessment and reupload your updated assessment)
      • RS Re Sit - You (student) have the assessment and have not passed or completed all necessary parts. The Assessor has decided corrective action must take place before you are able to complete this assessment tool. Please see administration. Most circumstances this means you will need to redo part or/ the full assessment again and/or additional tutorial support is recommended.
    • RED (0) = One of the grade options below.
      • NS No submission - You (student) did not submit the completed assessment before the due date.
      • RE Re-Schedule - You (student) was scheduled for a practical, but you did not show up and will now need to be rescheduled with administration. Fees may apply if no sick certificate provided. 
      • PTC Practical to complete - Used if the due date has passed and Alliance College needed to move the practical or you are in the process of completing all the practicals required.  Once attempted and not satisfactory for your practicals the grade would be RS instead.
    •  YELLOW - You (student) have submitted and awaiting marking from your assessor. 

    • BLUE (no grade) = No attempt / No Submission made by the student.
      • Once the due date has passed, your assessor will grade you as a “No Submission”, this will be displayed as a “0” in the gradebook and change the completion process colour to red for this assessment.
      • Once resulted a “No Submission” you will be blocked from making another attempt.


    Why am I not allowed another attempt?

    • Missed your submission due date
    • Assessor suspects your assessment is not your own work and therefore is now under investigation. A meeting will be arranged with you to discuss our findings.


    How do I make another attempt?

    • You will need to see reception or speak with administration. Tell them which unit and assessment you are not able to upload your assessment.


    Administration will remind you of the assessment policy / plagiarism policy. As per policy, a fee may apply to allow another attempt.